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Luxurious Sleep Blend Infused Serum | Herbal Serums | Natural Infused Serums | The Vegan Potionry


The Vegan Potionry’s Hydrating Sleep Blend is perfect for dry and flaky skin. The Sleep Blend aids with relaxation and is intentionally designed to foster a calming atmosphere and help you fall asleep easier. 

Studies have shown that some essential oils have an impact on your Olfactory system, the system relating to smell, and the Limbic system, which is your “emotional brain.” Certain herbs have an effect on the Amygdala, which is part of the Limbic system and known as the emotional center of the brain.

 Certain herbs work through the Olfactory system to cause the brain to secrete Neurotransmitters, such as Dopamine and Serotonin, which can elevate mood.  Not only are these Neurotransmitters needed to make you feel calm and relaxed, but Serotonin is also needed to produce Melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy at bedtime.


The Vegan Potionry’s Infused Sleep Blend is made with:

  • Organic & fair-trade Cedar leaf infused Meadowfoam seed oil, (which balances the skin’s sebum production and keeps the skin soft and supple). 
  • Organic & fair-trade Sweet Almond oil (which is hypoallergenic and works wonders to calm irritated skin). 
  • Vitamin-E oil 
  • Whole Cedar leaves, which are astringent, antiseptic and antifungal.
  • Organic Clary Sage essential oil (which is a natural sedative and may reduce your cortisol levels, which is known as the stress hormone). 
  • Organic Bergamot essential oi (which can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and help with anxiety and stress, allowing you to sleep).
  • Organic Lavender oil (which works to calm anxiety and offers sedative effects. It may not only help you to fall asleep but may also help you to spend more quality time in deep, slow-wave sleep).
  • Organic Sweet Marjoram essential oil is (which is a wonderful remedy for insomnia).
  • Organic Roman Chamomile essential oil (which is known to be calming, and reducing stress and has been long used as a relaxant).