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Luxurious Lavender Infused Serum | Herbal Serums | Natural Infused Serums | The Vegan Potionry


Perfect for sensitive, irritated and dry skin.  


Lavender oil is antibacterial, which kills acne-causing bacteria and prevents and heals acne breakouts.

Lavender oil is non-comedogenic, meaning that it will not clog pores.


The Vegan Potionry’s Lavender Infused Serum is 


  • Soothing

  • Reduces Skin sensitivities and irritation 

  • Unclogs pores and reduces inflammation

  • May help reduce scarring by promoting tissue growth

  •  Balances the skin’s moisture barrier and  Soothes Eczema and Dry Skin Conditions

  • Detoxifies Skin

  • Promote the healing of skin tissue and pimples 


Made with Organic & Fair-Trade Lavender Infused Sweet Almond Oil, Organic & Fair-Trade Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil And Organic & Fair Trade Lavender Flower Buds.