Halloween Ghost Bubble Bars / Bubbling Bath Bombs

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What’s better than bubbles, lots of lots of bubbles in your bath tub to play with? 


A small portion of The Vegan Potionry’s Bubble Bars Fizzy, Foam will give you lots of fluffy, luxurious and creamy bubbles to play with in your bath tub! 


Perfect for Kids and Adults!


Run one of our bubble bars under hot water and agitate your bath tub water with your hands and see lots and lots of soft and playful bubble appear in your tub!


The Ghost Bubble Bars come in a perfect Fall/Marshmallow scent! 


INSTRUCTIONS: For One Bubble Bar, select your first Ghost Bubble Bar and chose 1 for $9. For Two Bubble Bars, select your first and second Bubble Bars and chose 2 for $17!