Join our launch party celebrating the opening of THE VEGAN POTIONRY WORKSHOP.

It’s been a long road, and we’ve come a long way! The opening of this workshop embodies all the hard-work we’ve put in as a family business this past year and we want to show our appreciation to lovely customers who have been supporting us thus far by offering a free kids bath bomb making class during our launch party. 

Kids (5 and older) are invited to our complementary Bath Bomb workshop class where they can enjoy the hands on experience of working with bath bombs and learn how to create a fun and natural bath bomb. Each child can make 1 bath bomb that’s theirs and they get to take the bath bomb they made home with them. 

There will be snacks, games and a dance party waiting. 


THE VEGAN POTIONRY WORKSHOP is located in North Point Mall,  upper level towards Von Maur infront of the Scene Art Gallery & Pacsun and next to Black & white. 

THE VEGAN POTIONRY SALON AND STORE is located on the lower level infront of Sephora. 


Secure your time slot: This is a free event. We are a small business and we a promoting our new location to our lovely customers. You do not need to pay to attend, but you do need to secure your time slot. We are anticipating hight attendance for this event, so to insure that your kids get a workshop, you must select an available time and indicate the number of kids per time slot. 

Parents/guardian must be present. This will be a busy event and therefore parental supervision is required. By signing up for a free class, you’re acknowledging that the presence of a parent/guardian is required for attendance. Kids cannot be dropped off at our store and picked up later. 

Kids can’t eat the bath bombs! We will be working with cosmetic ingredients like Baking Soda, citric Acid, Natural Clays, and plant based butters and oils that are safe for skin, but not for consumption. Children cannot eat the powders. We are aware that the sweet scents and pretty colors might be enticing to children, but if a child is too young to understand the concept of bath products and that that they shouldn’t be putting the ingredients in their mouth, we cannot offer them a class. By signing up for a free class, you are acknowledging that these cosmetic ingredients are not edible. 

Allergies: Please avoid if your kids are allergic to the following ingredients: Baking soda, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay/natural cosmetic clays, Cream of Tartar, Sunflower seed oil, Shea Butter and fragrance oils. Children will be wearing gloves that we will offer. 

Pictures: We will be taking pictures and videos throughout our event to promote our new location. We are inviting local media to promote our new location. By signing up for a free class you are acknowledging and consenting to pictures and videos will be taken through the event. Pictures and videos will be posted on The Vegan Potionry’s social media platforms. If you do not want pictures to be taken, you can sign up for a private event at a later day! 

By signing up for a free bath bomb workshop you’re acknowledging and contesting to the above guidelines.